BAL- Multibase Desk. Universal Sliding Top System.

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 Our new MULTIBASE is a system of office desks characterised by their simple and functional structure. The universality of the system’s structure makes it possible to freely assemble particular elements and also to re-arrange and extend them any way you wish to create free-standing single workstations, double workstations and bench workstations. The great advantage of the system is its easy and simple way of assembly, which allows to exchange legs without having to change desktops. The desks are equipped with a functional and secure mechanism of moving the desktops, which allows to easily reach a cable duct mounted at the front of the desk or, in case of double workstations, a shared cable duct right in the middle. Various kinds of legs like straight legs, sled legs, A-shaped legs and, finally, unique legs which are triangular in section make this furniture universal and highly attractive.

Features and Charateristics:

  • Single desk sizes – All 80cm deep. Widths 180cm,160cm,140cm,120cm.
  • Double desk sizes – All 160cm deep. Widths 180cm,160cm,140cm,120cm.
  • Economical solutions for the office or home.
  • Easy and quick assembly.
  • Unlimites possibilities of building jobs.
  • Single and double desks supported on cabinets if required for local storage.
  • Desk tops available in a selection of widths.
  • Desk tops equipped with sliding top mechanism as standard.
  • A choice of simple tops or tops with convenient ‘scallop ccut outs’.
  • Cable tray for both single and double desks.
  • Perforated cable risers.
  • A wide choice of leg styles to choose from.
  • A wide choice of colours for both leg frames and tops.


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