System4 Flexible storage


System4 is comprised of four key elements – connectors,tubes, panels and accessories – which come together with ease. The combination of these components, and the limitless configurations for which they allow, ensures that System4 not only works in any space, but that with simple re-assembly, your existing components can create entirely new configurations. We’ve re-imagined furniture so you can rethink your space.Again and again.

To add to the design the ranges offers 9 colour ways with the chrome tubes so you can add flare to your office:- Black – RAL 9004, White – RAL 9016, Silver Grey – RAL 7042, Ruby Red – RAL 3003, Anthracite – RAL 7011, Traffic Yellow – RAL 1023, Brilliant Blue – RAL 5007, Pure Orange – RAL 2004 and Yellow Green – RAL 6018

The range also offers a desk and table system – See general desking.


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