Bal -Sound Room pods

Sound Room is an innovative system which integrates innovative acoustic panels technology with sound-diffusing geometry drawing from solutions that are used in recording studios. The panels are lightweight and extremely rigid and visually attractive and are pleasant and warm to touch with a characteristic wavy shape inner side and flat outer side and  are available in Pale & Dark Grey felt colour. The seating / desk elements are available in a wide choice of fabrics/ finishes.

The system is distinctive for the use of five basic elements (panels) which are unified with respect to dimensions and design, allowing for easy configuration providing the opportunity to arrange the office interior for arm chairs, sofas ( bench seats), desks and partition walls and phone booths using the option of panel heights consisting of 101cm ( phone booth), 136cm, 191cm & 230cm ( panels). Roof panels are also available. The system has been tested for sound adsorption to ISO 354.2005 & 354.2001 – certification is available on request.




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