Office clearance and reuse

By October 2, 2015 No Comments

We have cleared over 1000 workstations from a major City of London Insurance Company office block and provincial office. Due to the enormity of the task all work was carried out at night.

This meant that no disruption was caused  and each floor was dismantled and moved out with in two days per floor. However, the furniture was not destined for the recycling bin as our competitors who quoted for the project wanted to do. We will store it and it will find new homes  to prolong it usefulness. Many of the desks, chairs etc. have already been reused elsewhere, so nothing will go to waste or be crushed to pop up as some other object in wood or metal.

We offer this service which unfortunately is inevitable when companies are moving or replacing for new for what ever reason. This has become part of our services especially when we are providing New Furniture and carrying out the office move as well – so we can provide a one stop shop for our clients.